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THINK – is it True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, Kind

Holiday fun

What are you doing this holiday ?  Maybe you are going to the park for the day with a friend or you going to the beach on holiday.

What ever your doing this holiday write it in the comment box  and see what everyone is up to in the summer holiday.

Have a lovely time and remember have fun and enjoy the 6 weeks holiday and I will look forward for seeing you all in September .

The Carlton-In-Lindrick Knight

  • The Carlton in Lindrick knight was found in 2004 and is about 900 years old.
  • We believe it was made in the 1100’s when Richard I was ruling England.
  • This is a small model that is 6cm tall.
  • Right now it is in the Bassetlaw  Museum in Retford .
  • Lots of countries from all over the world wanted to buy this amazing model, but luckily an art class joined the Bassetlaw Museum and gave them money to keep the special knight.

I hope you enjoyed all the facts and I hope you’ve learnt something new.